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  • How I Sold a Ton of Books (Secrets of Self-Publishing) “How did you sell so many books?”  That is what newly-published authors were asking best-selling author, Lester V. Horwitz. They had stacks of their unsold books and needed to know how to sell them.  In response, Horwitz wrote this workbook that addresses everything from writing to publishing to marketing a book.  Each year, thousands of self-published writers have their first book published, but most don’t know what to do next.  This book lays out their options and advises them what to do. It tells them how to set up their own publishing company and take control of their future.  


    What makes this book different, better and unique?  It tells the author’s personal journey to successfully self-publishing his first book which was featured on C-Span2/Book TV and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. It became the #1 best-selling nonfiction book in the Tri-State outselling such New York Timesbest-sellers as Tuesdays With Morrieand Dr. Atkin’s Diet.  


    The author’s time-tested marketing know-how of 40 years as CEO of a national advertising agency is reflected in this handy workbook.  Almost half the pages tell how to successfully market a book.  This is where writers need the most help.  There is also information on how to develop a budget to set up a publishing company and create a budget for a self-published book.  Writers are encouraged to keep the book handy for quick and easy reference.  


    In addition to telling his personal story, the book also has comments and suggestions from 28 other authors who contributed how they wrote, published and marketed their first books. Their experiences and collected wisdom are found in the 232 pages of the book.  This book is loaded with practical and proven information and answers the difficult question “what to do next?”  

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